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AXYZ Routers
AXYZ 4000 Series Router AXYZ 4000 Series Router

The AXYZ 4000 Series CNC Router is one of the most popular sizes for CNC Routers. The 4000 Series offers a processing width of 57” and processing lengths starting at 48”, 96” and every 24” after that. Like all AXYZ Series machines, the 4000 Series is capable of handling the widest range of tooling and application options in the industry.

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AXYZ 5000 Series Router AXYZ 5000 Series Router

The AXYZ 5000 Series CNC Router is designed to accommodate a wide range of materials and applications. The 5000 Series machine bed width allows the machine to process materials up to 70” wide, and with standard lengths starting at 120”, you can easily process an oversized 5’ x 10’ sheet of wood, plastic, aluminum or other non-ferrous material.

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AXYZ 6000 Series Router AXYZ 6000 Series Router

The AXYZ 6000 Series offers the same configurability as the rest of the AXYZ Series CNC Routers. The oversized table working area provides an optimal platform for a wide range of materials. This size allows easy fit of materials commonly seen in Aluminum fabrication, Sign making, Solid Surface fabrication, Marine manufacturing and more. The 6000 Series delivers a usable table processing width of greater than 82”, with lengths starting at 120” and up in 24” increments.

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AXYZ 8000 Series Router AXYZ 8000 Series Router

The AXYZ 8000 Series CNC router is the largest standard built router that AXYZ manufactures. The 8000 Series offers a processing deck width of over 100”, making it the largest standard machine in the industry. The 8000 Series starts with a standard processing length of 122”, and increases in 24” increments. This format is the machine of choice for manufacturers who work with 8’ wide materials as called for in their products. These manufacturers include Electric Sign makers, Ambulance / Automotive / RV Builders, Aluminum fabricators, Plastic Fabricators, Marine manufacturers, and more.

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AXYZ 10000 Series Router AXYZ 10000 Series Router

The AXYZ 10000 Series CNC Router is the largest width format that AXYZ manufactures in a standard format. The 10000 Series was originally conceived and delivered for Recreational Vehicle manufacturers. The demand for a robust, reliable CNC solution for RV sidewall fabrication led many of these manufacturers to the capacity of the 10000 Series. The 10000 Series has a processing width of 126” to allow a full 10’ sheet of material to be loaded and processed. The 10000 Series is built in sections for ease of travel and on site assembly. Each Section is 8’ long which allows the standard processing lengths of 6’, 14’, 22’, 30’, 38’, 46’ and beyond in 8’ increments.

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